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Why Choose Netco Title Company

Why choose Netco Title Company to close your transaction? After all, there are dozens of choices a short distance away—branch offices of Fortune 500 Companies, small locally owned agencies, lawyers who handle real estate as an adjunct to the practice of law. The answer is: Peace of Mind. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a real estate agent, lender or mortgage broker, you can be assured your transaction will close timely and safely.

Of course it is all about getting the transaction closed—that is the sole purpose of a title and escrow company. Everyone wants the sale to be completed and the loan to be made. But it is more than that.

With Netco Title Company, you know that:

  • Qualified, experienced persons handle every step of your transaction.
  • Experienced title examiners and underwriting attorneys work to identify and eliminate potential title issues so the property can be transferred and insured safely.
  • Strong escrow control procedures protect the integrity of buyer funds, seller proceeds, lender funds and all disbursements in a manner unsurpassed in the industry.
  • Advanced technology and physical control procedures protect the integrity and privacy of personal information in possession of the Company.
  • As a part of a large privately owned group of title agencies, Netco Title Company has the resources to provide the protection and security necessary for your transaction while maintaining the local contact and flexibility of a small local office. So choose Netco Title Company.

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